FB – Across the Central Valley, downtown areas are roaring back. They are a hub for the next generation to take their businesses, and a place to find the local stops. Fluetsch and Busby Insurance has been a part of Merced’s Downtown for over 100 years, and we’re thrilled to see this comeback rage on.

downtown project
Doug meeting with the City of Merced

Doug Fluetsch, who many of you know as the President of Fluetsch and Busby Insurance, came up with an idea to do a beautification project in the downtown area. His vision was to make the area more appealing to potential customers, current local businesses and even prospective entrepreneurs looking for a place to set up shop. Doug’s idea continued to grow when he got word of the Merced Farmers Market needing improvements on the parking lot where they do business on Saturday mornings.

After asking the City of Merced for clearance on planting new shrubbery around the parking lot on the corner of W. 16th and Canal, we set our course toward improvement and beautification on the parking lot. We planned, reached out to some local organizations to help, found some plants and before you know it, Doug’s little idea became a blossoming community activity. Restore Merced and Merced Main Street Association jumped in to help, and so do the Merced Farmer’s Market of course!

ABC 30 Interview 2
Doug interviewed by ABC 30 reporter Gilbert Magallon

On October 13th, F&B and friends decided to go to work. Employees from our office volunteered, showed up early, and eager to give this forgotten about parking lot life. Life that it desperately needed. And a need, we were happy to fill. ABC 30 came out to Merced to do a showcase on Fluetsch and Busby’s #Committed2Downtown project (you can find that article here), and Nicole Lopez Media went live at the event.

To all those who helped, thank you. To those who donated, thank you. To those that want to see our finished project, go check it out. Stop by on a Saturday morning, and see what the Farmer’s Market has to offer. See the local businesses. Do some window shopping. Fluetsch and Busby Insurance is Committed2Downtown. Are you?cropped-cropped-circle-logo3.png


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