I Got a Jet Ski for Christmas

MB- The Christmas season is approaching rather quickly, and some people have already sent out their wish lists. For kids, you have a wish list that includes action figures, a football, a doll or two or the new pair of shoes that they have been eyeballing since June. For adults, they might be looking at something more adventurous, like a jet ski!

Riding on the water with the waves hitting up against your legs, and the breeze smacking you square in the face. The power at the throttle, flying down Lake Yosemite feeling as free as could be.

The last thing on your mind is insurance. Until you hit a rock in low water or a floating log and destroy your new jet ski. Then, all you think about is why it wasn’t covered. But, they can be.

A jet ski is technically considered a personal watercraft (A PWC in the insurance realm). “A jet ski can be added under a farm or boat policy, but not under home or auto.” Doug Fluetsch explained. For this fun toy, you can be covered for value of the property, and liability if someone gets hurt involving your jet ski. Let me explain.

Say we go to the lake for the day. You, me, and our friend Aaron. Aaron jumps on the jet ski and is doing some laps. While on the last lap, Aaron hits another person riding a jet ski. He regains control, and on his way to check on the other jet skier, Aaron hits a rock and puts a hole through the side of the jet ski. Aaron swims to safety while your new jet ski sinks down next to Davey Jones Locker.

In our example, you could be covered for the liability of the injury to the person that Aaron hit if Aaron’s name is listed as a driver on your jet ski policy. When getting insurance on your jet ski policy, you will need to list all drivers, just like an auto insurance policy. You would also be covered for your sunken jet ski if you pay for coverage of the property (aka the jet ski). Your insurance company would pay you the value of the jet ski, minus the deductible which is usually $250.    So if you get your dream jet ski under your tree this holiday season, make sure you get it insured before you go out and have the time of your life. And if you don’t get a jet ski this year, you can use this to pitch the idea to your significant other next year.

Safe riding, and Merry Christmas from Fluetsch and Busby Insurance.

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