Why You’ll like F&B More Than Ever

A new year brings in new resolutions. Working out, traveling, reading, saving some money and eating healthier are resolutions you’ll hear from your family or friends. Heck, we have all tried these ourselves! And about this time every year, we forget about it and move back to our daily routine. We could always hit the gym… tomorrow.

In this new year, Fluetsch and Busby Insurance turned 107 years old as we continue to serve our Merced community by providing excellent customer service and being a contributing member of the community. Sure, the chocolate covered almonds taste better than the carrots you’re supposed to be eating! One resolution you can get right this year, is by saving time, money and paperwork by switching your insurance to Fluetsch and Busby Insurance.

You might ask yourself, “Why? Why switch to F&B?”, well I can tell you why. Just last week a man strolled into the office to be addressed by his first name by our receptionist, Monica. He then met with his agent, the one who has stuck with him and his policy since the first day he walked into the door many years ago. They spoke about his policy, the premium savings and coverage limits. He left with a smile knowing he was continuing to make the right decision. He knew, that when an issue does come up with his policy, he knows who to talk to. He knows that he has a friendly face and a person who will push for him in times of distress.

The great thing about Fluetsch and Busby, is that we can quote your coverages with various companies. Not just one, but many. We can find the lowest price possible, while you also get a quality policy that can help save you the most money but also protect your assets. Think about that! Not one option, but multiple options! You get a personalized quote, best suited to match your insurance needs.

In the month of January, you look over the past year. 2018 may have been great, or not so great. But the best way to start off 2019 is by knocking off one of those new years resolutions. The best way to get started is to head over to Fluetsch and Busby, to get a quote on whatever you need insured. So go ahead, eat those chocolate covered almonds, and cross off that saving money from your list while also improving your situation. 

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