Local Risks to be Covered For

Being residents of Merced County for over 100 years gives us a pretty good knowledge on what risks you might have living in our local area. We luckily are less prone to wildfires and tornado insurance, but a little riskier to some other effects. This is why, it’s best to let experts, like the people at Fluetsch and Busby help you with your policy.

One of the big risks during the winter months in the Central Valley is flooding. We might not have rainstorms that last weeks to fill Bear Creek, but we do have a lot of rivers, creeks and canals that are the source of melted snow from our beautiful mountain ranges. When the snow melts, mixed with a rainstorm or two, we usually hear of flood warnings. If you live near or next to any of these bodies of water, it would be very helpful to get flood insurance added to your personal policy.

Weather can also be a big issue for farmers. It seems that every year, we get rain when farmers least want it. In 2018, right when the almond trees started to bloom it froze as hard as it would for all of 2018. Farmers panicked as they feared their crops were lost. For farmers, they wouldn’t know the fate of their crop yield until later in the year around August or September after harvests. If farmers were covered for crop insurance, and produced less then expected, they could claim the lost production at the end of the year during harvest. But again, that is a risk for the winter months that we must be on the lookout for.

No matter what county, each one is different, with its different risks that someone should be prepared to handle. Fluetsch and Busby knows the Central Valley very well and can make sure you’re covered appropriately across your coverage. 

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