Insuring The Gift

FB- A week after Valentines Day and you just got your sweetheart the gift you have been talking about for years. It took months of planning and saving, but the smile THE gift created made it worth it. Turn to today and you realize that there is a chance that this once in a lifetime gift might get stolen, or ruined, or some other unforeseen incident might make your months of saving go right down the drain (just like the last ring you bought)! Fluetsch and Busby Insurance can proudly say, we can cover your valuables!

These valuables can be anything from firearms to jewelry to the old, ugly lamp in your house that you found out is actually worth something, so you store it in the corner. Kuddos for you for making the purchase, or the save from being thrown away! Now we need insurance on these things.

The first thing you should do is contact your homeowner insurance agent. For us, that is Tonya or Sue. They’ll know what to do! Once you contact them, it might be best to make an appointment with them. This way, you can provide pictures and a value of what the item costs.  This will also give you the chance to review other coverage limits on your policy.   Then, they will take care of the paperwork, and call you when they’re ready to add these goods to your policy.

From an Insurance side, we would like to know the exact price of the item, so we can provide an appropriate sublimit. When we hear “Diamond Ring”, that could mean a wide range of prices and quality. It could be a ring you bought from an Antique Store, or a ring from the finest jeweler in the area. We would want to know the diamond size, quality and clarity, because of these factors, all valuables are different. You and your neighbor could both own diamond rings, but because of their characteristics they would be valued differently.

Before you get the nerve to ask “The One” for their hand in marriage on Valentine’s Day next year, make sure you know the cost on insuring it because you will want to keep that love alive just like you will want to keep that ring on the finger.

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