The End of the Drought?

FB-According to multiple reports, California is apparently out of the drought. The winter that is just wrapping up drenched the state from top to bottom. Cities that haven’t seen snow, saw snow for the first time since Seinfeld was dropping new episodes. Rivers flooded, mountains are beautifully green, and our fields saw standing water in them for days at a time. But, we all know this. We experienced it. We ran outside and caught snowflakes in our months! Whether or not the drought is over or not, we should celebrate this time because it has been rough since the start of the drought, and understand the risks that come with an abundance of rain.

Seven years ago the drought officially began. We saw Winters with promise of rain (looking at you El Nino year) that led to no rain and years that promised no rain and… delivered on those promises. Canals were dry most years during the drought which led to many farmers putting in deep wells or leaving fields barren for the year. Some farmers resorted to sprinklers to water row crops and alfalfa during the summer months, which resulted in low yields with double the amount of work. When dry weather caused these deficiencies, having crop insurance for lack of production was essential for all farmers.

Now, here we are. After seven long years, we think we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fluetsch and Busby can proudly say we stood by farmers throughout this drought. And we always will. Mandeep is a proud provider of crop insurance for us, who learned from one of the best around in Diane Norton. She had been with farmers through times of drought before, and helped Mandeep understand from a Farmer’s perspective. And now with so much water, farmers should look out for mold or even flooding of rivers and creeks! There is sadly always a lot of risk with farmers, but we will make sure to always stand by these hard workers.

Many people have been doubtful that this day would ever come. But as a company who works with farmers daily, and to see how much they stressed over dry winters, this feels good. This feels right for those hard-working farmers. We thought we would be in a drought period for many more years to come. In the summer months, we’ll see how much water  the ground retained, in the way our crops look and the amount of wildfires we get in our foothills. But till then, lets take a moment to enjoy the fact that this drought nightmare has ended for a awhile.

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