Peter Fluetsch Scholarship

FB-As the school year draws to a close, we look back at the great year it was. High school students dancing at prom, seniors buying their cap and gowns, and future college students finalize their applications. And with those applications, come the thoughts of paying for school, and what their future holds. One way Fluetsch and Busby likes to help students is with a scholarship offered in the name of Peter Fluetsch.

Many people in the community of Merced knew Peter Fluetsch, for one thing or another. We love to talk about him, because he really did provide so much joy for those working at Fluetsch and Busby as well as being a great role model and mentor.  To help keep his memory alive, Doug and Jeannie have created the Peter Fluetsch scholarship, available to high school students in our area.

The requirements for the scholarship are that the student must be from a local high school such as Golden Valley, Merced, El Capitan, Buhach Colony or Atwater. They must be involved in 4-H or FFA, and plan to pursue a degree in agriculture, the backbone of Merced County and an industry that F&B has had relationships with back to 1912. The last box a student must check to apply, is that they plan on staying in Merced and starting their college path at Merced Community College. Pete Fluetsch realized that great leaders come from all areas of our community and those students at Merced Community College are no different. They need to know that the community believes in their future.

Fluetsch and Busby Insurance is not only the oldest insurance agency in Merced County but also realizes that we need to support the future of Merced County as they have for us since 1912. We love to give back and help those who want to be in this community. And when we can help those future leaders of our Ag Community by giving them an opportunity to work here, study here, and grow this area, we can’t pass that up. Fluetsch and Busby is proud to offer the Peter Fluetsch Scholarship for the 5th year.

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