Increasing Cost for Insuring Your Cabin

FB- One of the best summer experiences is headed up our beautiful mountain ranges to take a dip in the various rivers and lakes. Maybe you and your buddies rent a cabin hidden by beautiful Redwood trees for the weekend. Your neighbors could invite you to check out a cute little town not too far up the Sierra Nevada’s. With this being said, nothing beats a weekend in the mountains to escape the blistering, Central Valley heat. But as we escape up the hills, more and more cabin homeowners face a new reality: the rising cost of homeowners insurance in the fire prone mountains.

              After the devastating fires that torched our state for the latter part of the 2018 summer, insurance companies have begun to increase the cost of homeowners insurance for those with cabins or homes in areas more likely to have wildfires. While it is understandable, the increase is an issue we want not only our customers to be aware of, but also our neighbors here in our Valley. Some rates in the most extreme areas have seen increases of up to 200% and even potentially more as the risks heighten.

              At Fluetsch and Busby, we were heartbroken to see our friends up north suffer and lose so much during the fires. If we could, we would eliminate all of the wildfires, but we can’t. We can though, take the right precautions to make sure our homes are as protected as possible, to prevent wildfires and to eventually start to lower the costs of the cabin owner’s insurance.

Here are some friendly tips on how to prevent wildfires:

  • Completely extinguish all fires when you’re finished with them. This includes everything from cigarettes to campfires.
  • Properly dispose of lawn clippings, tree pruning’s, etc. If your area allows you to burn those, please take the proper steps when doing so.
  • Prune your trees and cut your grass regularly. Dead tree branches and grass are easily flammable and will help a wildfire spread.  Most insurance carriers offer guidelines on the exact specifications they believe will reduce the risk of wildfire.

              I know these are just a few tips, but please remember to follow them. The last thing we want as a community is to see what happened in Paradise last year, happen again this year to another community. Fluetsch and Busby Insurance is well versed on the insurance carriers and insurance programs available to cabin and homeowners in the high risk areas.   We are here for cabin owners every step of the way so your oasis away from home can continue to be the perfect place for a getaway weekend for many more years to come.

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