Doug Fluetsch

DougDoug started working for Fluetsch and Busby Insurance in 1993. Straight out of Stanislaus State, Doug began his journey right here. Since, Doug has worked very hard to make the past generations proud. He had great mentors, and has helped make sure the history of this Insurance company continues on.

Learning from his father, Peter Fluetsch, Doug has done a great job keep traditions alive, and starting new ones. From some continuous ones, like serving the community in the Merced Chamber of Commerce, or to some new, like Cornhole Fridays, he has been a great leader for Fluetsch and Busby. Since the passing of Peter, Doug has really continued everything that this company stands for.

Doug has enjoyed watching his kids grow up in and around Merced. His oldest son, Josh Fluetsch, broke numerous swimming records at Merced High School. His younger son, Spencer Fluetsch, has spent time working at Fluetsch and Busby before heading of to college. Kelli is a school teacher at McSwain in the Atwater area.

Proud Doug.jpg
Doug proudly looking on at one of the Merced Bike Races

Being involved with the Merced community has always been a high priority for Doug, a priority passed down from leaders prior to him. Doug got his name out there helping with the Merced Bike Race for so many years. Most times, you could see Doug driving the pace car for all the cyclists. More recently, Doug has helped bring events such as Burgers and Brew, and some beautification of downtown Merced projects to life.

If you ever have insurance needs, Doug really leads a team that cares about you and your family. He has led by example, showing his staff that putting in extra hours is necessary when helping your neighbor in the community. Fluetsch and Busby Insurance is very proud to present it’s President, Doug Fluetsch. 


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