Jeannie Fluetsch Bliss

JeannieJeannie started working at Fluetsch and Busby Insurance in 1986. She began a few months after high school graduation, knowing she wanted to work with her dad, Peter Fluetsch. They would eat lunch together at least once a week, up to Peter’s passing.

For over 10 years, Jeannie has been the Office Manager, and Vice President of Fluetsch and Busby. She understands our farming client’s insurance needs, because she has been married to a local farmer, Michael Bliss, for over 25 years. Balancing a work/life balance with 3 kids hasn’t been easy, but she finds a way to do it.

Jeannie has followed her Father’s lead, by helping those in the community whenever she can. The Our Lady of Mercy Fallies, the Bi-Annual Le Grand Dinners, Catholic Charities, David Bliss Memorial Golf Tournaments, Kiwanis, and school boards are just a few of her many projects.

Papa and Jeannie
Jeannie Fluetsch-Bliss and Peter Fluetsch, as Jeannie wins Business Women of the Year award in Merced

One of the events she is most proud of, was helping plan the 100 Year Celebration of Fluetsch and Busby Insurance. Helping coordinate the cookbook, the invitations, and everything in-between, she really made her Dad proud. They set up the parking lot at 725 W. 18th Street with tables and chairs and lights, talking about the many things Fluetsch and Busby has done to help benefit our community.

Now as the Office Manager, you can probably hear her laugh echo throughout the office when someone comes in to tell a good story, or to relive a great memory. Fluetsch and Busby Insurance is proud to present, V.P. and Office Manger Jeannie Fluetsch Bliss.


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