Started in 1912, Fluetsch and Busby Insurance has been the leader in community outreach in the Merced Area. This started with H.S. Shaffer, being the county judge.

Scout Fund Drive
Lead Scout Fund Drive from the year 1948. John Fluetsch, who was Special Gifts Chairman in the middle of back row.

Followed by his son-in-law, John Fluetsch, who was a Boy Scout leader in Merced County for many years. Next came Peter Fluetsch. Peter did countless things in the community, and most notably, was Santa Clause in the winter months. He would go to various schools and bring joy to so many children. Now, current President Doug Fluetsch, Peter’s youngest son, has been a leader in restoring beauty to Downtown Merced. He has led multiple projects in planting various plants around the building where Fluetsch and Busby Insurance started. His sister, Jeannie Fluetsch-Bliss, has been an excellent event planner, along with being the office manager. She helped coordinate our 100 year anniversary celebration, numerous dinners to support the Le Grand Community, and Catholic Charities in Merced.

The Community in Merced, isn’t just where we work. It is where we live. It is where our clients live. It is where our insureds take their kids to school. It is home. And together, we’re family. 

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